2015 Tamiami Village Boards

2015 Tamiami Village Boards

Tamiami Master Association, INC. Board of Directors
President/Treasurer: Ken Krysztof   656-4185
Vice President: Gerry Bastien        599-2151
Secretary: Jim Soppa                    599-8487
Treasurer: Marjorie Maitre              671-7218
Directors: Patty Baker                  652-4059
Ali Padley                                    997-4802
Pat Leonard                                 851-6549
Mary Welsh                                 222-7440
Professional Dir. Carolyn Stout      656-4121

Tamiami CO-OP, Inc. Board of Directors
President: Gerry Bastien              599-2151
Vice-President: Pat Leonard         851-6549
Secretary: Mary Welsh                 222-7440
Treasurer: Marjorie Maitre             671-7218
     Directors:  Bob Knake                  (319) 329-4127
Virgil Machado                           656-5946
      Joann Smith                               315-525-0472

Tamiami Subdivision, Inc. Corp. Board of Directors
President: Ali Padley                  997-4802
Vice-President: Ken Krysztof      656-4185
Secretary: Patty Baker               652-4059
Treasurer: Elaine Therrien           652-9046
Directors: Paul Rieck                 997-9999
Jim Soppa                                599-8847
Marcel Lefebvre                        656-4420

Tamiami Village Community Association Officers
President: David Danielson                603-203-0814
Vice-President: Marcel Lefebvre   656-4420
Secretary: Helen Mwarey            599-8880
Treasurer: Virgil Machado           656-5946
Directors: Donna Sharps             995-2409
Pat Krysztof                              656-4185

Marylu Zwitter                            652-0889

Tamiami Village Renters' Board
President Dave Lippert               656-1635
Vice-President: Helen Mwarey   599-8880
Secretary: Audrey Nemetz    (989) 854-6757
Treasurer: Janis Smith               656-4538
Director: Richard Metz                  419-688-9120
Director: John Tranter              671-7098

Tamiami Village Non-Certificate Holders Board
President: Pat Glaude                995-1718
Vice-president: Ray Pacheco      997-0443
Treasurer: Eileen Pacheco          997-0443
Secretary: Pat Stierwalt              656-3848
Directors: Don Wills                    217-0056
Lee Centers                              995-0331
John Sengstock                       898-6656



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Mission Statement

The Board of Directors of the Tamiami Master Association, Inc.("Association") strives to offer a 55 and over community with a pleasant living environment complemented by a variety of amenities, courteous employees and a reasonable maintenance fee schedule in order to be able to offer its guests and residents a park that is beautiful and friendly while operating Tamiami Village and Tamiami RV Park cost-effectively.